But My Neighbors Are Getting A New Roof

Posted by Nick Gann

Sep 30, 2015 10:41:55 AM

Every time there's a hail storm, or a strong wind storm, we see new roofs going on. And we always want what somebody else has. We call our agent, tell them about the neighbor and their new roof, and ask if we should get ours checked out. Believe it or not, that's not the best way to determine if we need a new roof.

Insurance companies pay for particular types of damage. Before they'll pay, they inspect to be sure the damage and costs are in line. It's a verification process. An adjuster is simply a 2nd set of eyes.

2nd, as in not first. An adjuster should not be the first set of eyes. And the insurance agent shouldn't be the first set either. {Read more: Before You Place That Homeowners Insurance Claim}

Matter of fact, I'm an agent and a roof would need quarter-size holes before I could tell if it needed to be replaced. I'm not into roofing, inspecting roofs, or anything roofs. I'm no roof expert.

homeowners insurance claims

We don't call our health insurance provider when we think we have the flu. So we shouldn't call our agent when we might need a new roof.

Call an expert. Have someone look at it that knows about roofs. And the reason you shouldn't let the adjuster be the first set of eyes is because that entails making a homeowners insurance claim, and you may not have damage, or enough damage, to constitute losing your loss-free discount.

"But a nature claim won't affect my home insurance rates. Especially one that doesn't pay out."

Slow down. There are occasions where placing a claim, even if it doesn't pay, can affect our premium.

Why would a CWP (claim without payment) affect my rate?

Because it involves 2 people: an inside claim rep (the one you spoke with) and the adjuster. Both of which get paid to determine it if the claim is legitimate or not. The insurance company spent money on your claim, even when it ended up not writing a claim check. {Read more: A Stress Free Homeowners Claim Process}

Long story short - you tried to place a claim, and if you had a loss-free discount, it's gone. When you lose a discount, you're rate naturally goes up. Nature claim or not.

Don't use the homeowners insurance claims process for an inspection. Call a roofer, one you trust

Side note: I do not trust roofers who go door to door looking for business. They aren't trying to get the word out about their business. They're trying to convince you to place a claim. There have been times where door-to-door roofers take your money and run.

I would be happy to help you find a trustworthy roof inspector. And if you're in need of a new roof, I can help walk you through the home insurance claims process.

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