Replacement Cost On Contents Means Nothing To Me

Posted by Nick Gann

Oct 26, 2015 4:56:22 PM

Too many times I've taken the cheap route. I've bought the off-brand product, or the generic item, only to replace it shortly thereafter with higher quality. Should have paid a little more to begin with. I catch myself saying "Am I really in this position because I was too tight to spend a few more dollars?" That's exactly why I purchased a home alarm system

I kept asking myself if I really wanted to pay $50 per month. Do I really want to pay a $450 installation charge. Do I want to be on a contract... it was negative question after negative question.

But then I remember standing in my living room with a feeling of disgust that I would leave my home and contents unprotected because of $50/month.

I started thinking about different things I own that amounted to more than $50. I couldn't count them all. I even considered allowing my homeowners insurance policy to be my backup, but I quickly remembered 2 things: having a theft claim on my home insurance is not ideal nor is the rate increase that comes with it, and almost everything I own has some sort of sentimental value.

Sentimental value is priceless.

should I get a home alarm system

I don't want my stuff to be replaced. I want it to not be taken.

I don't want my wife to lose her jewelry to a burglary. I don't want some punk running off with my guns. The guns my boys will use to hunt with, and maybe even their boys.

I'm not interested in a claim check for that stuff. I'm interested in THAT STUFF.

So, standing there in my living room I told myself I wouldn't take the cheap route and save $50 a month. I would even be happy to pay the installation fee. Whatever it took to not lose contents that had sentimental value.

I don't want to start a homeowners insurance theft claim. Not because I don't want the claim, which I don't, but because a claim check can't replace my contents, it can only buy more contents.

I don't want more, I want mine!

Replacement cost on contents means nothing to me - so I have a monitored home security system.

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The picture is from a good friend's house, where thieves entered and stole thousands of dollars worth of contents, all with sentimental value. They now have a security system.


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