Who's To Blame When My Claim Isn't Paid

Posted by Nick Gann

Dec 30, 2013 8:27:55 AM

The biggest problem with insurance policies isn't that claims don't get paid. It's that consumers aren't made aware of what is and isn't covered. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it many more times in the future: as an insurance agent, it is my duty to inform our customers how their insurance policy works. Schooling them once a claim occurs is not the ideal time. This is exactly what gives every insurance company in Arkansas a bad name. Blame the agent.

Yes, I'm telling you to blame me. If I don't inform you of the coverage you're paying for, then the blame lies with me when an insurance company denies your claim.

Let's take, for instance, this situation. Clearly the power to the homes in this area will be affected. By the way, this is a power pole on Hwy 183 in Bauxite, Arkansas.


I'm not sure what caused this. Looks like just an old power pole. Should have been replaced. My boys and I were headed to the Benton Gun Club when we spotted this broken pole.

I'm not an electrician, but I'm sure the power will be shut off during this repair. Clearly, by the pictures, you can tell it's not the middle of the summer. Brown leaves, dead grass, etc. But what if it had been in the middle of August? Think those neighbors would be happy about not having air conditioning while this was being corrected? Me either. What if it caused groceries to be ruined, frozen goods to unthaw? Imagine that wedding cake top that you've been saving for your anniversary... can you re-freeze it? You gonna eat that? I don't want to eat it anyway, much less after it's been thawed and then frozen again. I think I convinced Kelly to trash ours. I'll buy you whatever for our anniversary, just don't make me eat that old frozen cake!

What if you had been on an elk hunt in Colorado, or a Red Stag hunt in Missouri? I've heard Red Stag tastes wonderful. Gone! Power goes out to fix this pole and that precious meat, all of it, must be cooked soon or tossed out.

So you call me. You want reimbursed for the loss you've incurred.

No can do.


Insurance companies aren't in the business of reimbursing customers for problems caused by electric companies. You would have better luck calling the electric company. Especially if you had a picture like I have above - that you took yourself. Is that incriminating evidence? Surely.

What about this accident? You think your insurance policy wants to pay for the damage you suffered because this dude chose not to drive sober?


No! Call his insurance company. Don't even call the electric company. It's not their fault. But I guarantee you that you'll have no power while this is being repaired.

Anytime you work on something electrical, what do you do? Unplug it! Absolutely! Well, so does the electric company.

By now you probably understand and agree with how these claims would be denied. The problem isn't them being denied. The problem is that you were never made aware of how your policy worked. Not until it was time to make the claim. And that is not the time to find out. Tell me up front. Don't blindside me when I'm vulnerable.

My name is Nick, and I'm the owner of The Gann Agency. We're an independent insurance agency in Bryant, AR. I'm not the smartest guy in the insurance industry. I am however, a consumer just like you. And I know what I want to know. Chances are good that you want to know the same things.

That's why I'm here, to be a servant. Insurance provides me that opportunity.

Whether you're a customer of TGA or not, if you've had a bad claim experience, or simply have a question - contact me. I'm available, readily available.

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One last thing: don't text and drive. The guy above may have been drinking, but texting can cause the same damage - to the power pole, to you, or to another family.

I tell the Gann Girls not to text and drive, and I've asked my boys, Sean & RyRo, to call me out if they catch me texting and driving. I've even given them permission to punch me in the arm - "Dad, it can wait."

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