Youthful Drivers

Posted by Angela Hurst

Oct 2, 2013 6:14:17 AM

Are you a nervous wreck when your child pulls out of the driveway:

If you are a parent then you will or you have already experienced the stress of watching your teen driver leave the driveway for the very first time. I don’t  know about you but I get a little exited, anxious and scared at each new stepping stone in my children’s lives, partically because I’ve walked the roads and know the dangers that lerk, and I pray that I have equipped my children with all the proper instructions, which leads me back to teen driving. The fact is that teaching your child to drive is just the beginning. You have to also prepare your child the best you can for all the unknowns there are, for instance: drivers that aren’t being mindful, distracted drivers, intoxicated drivers,  other inexperience teen drivers, and this list could go on and on. 

Have you seen the Arkansas Teen Driving Laws:

I for one am glad that Arkansas took some of the heat off of me as a parent and put some laws inforce that help protect my own teen drivers.  Do you recall when you where a teen driver?  We would pile 5 or 6 other teens in a car turn the music to blarring , have a back seat driver as co captin to help with distraction and then add a little peer pressure by asking the driver to hurry up to your next fun distanation.  I think back and now wonder how on earth I made it out alive. 

Some parents aren’t happy:

I have heard the complaints about the Arkansas Teen Driving Laws as well. Some parents feel the State has crossed the line telling parents what their children can and can not do when driving (i.e when they should be home, and who is allowed to be in the car with their child, etc.,). 

3 youthful driver accidents in the last 12 months:

I respect the views of other parents but for me personally and as an insurance agenct I understand the incresased risk a youthful driver adds to the road. In fact my personal vehicles have been involved in 3 accidents just in the last 12 months. All which involved the fault of a driver under the age of 18.  Thankfully none of my children where responsible for those accidents nor was any of them seriously injured, but it does shed light on subject of insuring youthful drivers. 

The laws have my back:

The youthful driver laws have helped me to make decisions, and helped protect my children. Just what are the Arkansas Teen Driving Laws?  

Arkansas Teen Driving Laws


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