Phone: 501-653-0039

Fax: 501-653-2405

Melissa: ext 104

Amy: ext 101

Nick: ext 102

Amy Millea (pronounced Muh-Lay): Nick actually tried to get me to come work for TGA (The Gann Agency) several years before I started. The timing may have been right for him, but it wasn't for me. Low and behold, patience paid off. December of 2014 was right for both of us. Although Melissa is the one who hired me... Nick says he didn't have anything to do with it. I think it's more of a pride thing - he couldn't get me in 2011, but Melissa could in '14. She's got skills, ya'll. All kidding aside, Melissa is ridiculously talented with a phone and laptop. I swear, if she had more arms she could handle more calls and more laptops. I sit next to her at the office... Sometimes I just watch her like a cow looking at a new gate. She's wonderful, and she cares a great deal about other people, which is why she's a true asset to the agency.

Melissa Weeks (pronounced... j/k): I first met Nick 2006, I think... in the parking lot of McDonald's, to sign my homeowners insurance application. He had yet to get an office, so he was working from home. Our professional relationship turned into a friendship and in 2009 I began working at the agency. I became part owner in January 2015. And yes, I'm responsible for getting Amy on board. And we DO NOT need more phones or laptops! Our focus is quality, not quantity : ) I have 2 kids, Christian and Taylor, unlike Amy who has 5! That's right - FIVE! And Nick wonders why she's crazy... I think she's great, but sometimes Nick just has to walk away. It's quite comical if I say so myself. If she's not bugging him about his grey hair & lack of tact, then he's on her about her messy car and motor-mouth. I think it works out great. We all have the same vision of caring about others. And I have to say, that starts with Nick. He has a heart for people, and it's contagious.

Nick Gann (pronounced Can, with a G): You wouldn't believe how many people get that wrong. Gain? Gone? Really... Oh well. I wish I hadn't named the agency The Gann Agency. 2 reasons: never ever start a business name with THE. It's not a huge mistake, but it's irritating. And the 2nd reason - my last name may be important to me, but it's not important to others, especially our customers. And I don't want anyone thinking everything at the agency revolves around Gann. Let me be the first to tell you - it does not! Now that Melissa is part owner, having my name on the sign complicates the situation. And if I ever sell it? Who wants to buy my name? Exactly. Not the best decision I've ever made. Speaking of that, hiring Melissa in the first place is quite possibly the best professional decision I've made since starting TGA. Like Amy said, it's ridiculous at how talented she is at handling the business. She's a former business owner herself, so making her a part owner was a no-brainer. Plus, she has my vision of helping people. It's a wonderful team we have at TGA.