What began as me writing every morning about the person I wanted to be, has turned into my public story about how life isn't easy & is rarely what it seems. I'm honest, sincere, imperfect, & have no idea if my eyes are blue, green, or hazel.

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Why I Cheated On My Spouse

I married Melody when I was 20, divorced her when I was 22. Looking back, there are only a few things I know about that relationship:

  • I didn't speak her love language
  • She didn't speak mine
  • There were red flags while dating
  • she had guidance from family, I had none

I loved her. I did. But I cheated. 

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Getting Along With My Wife's Ex

Not everyone is a step-parent, or has a child by an ex. But those who do, they know this feeling. The feeling that causes your hands to sweat as you draw closer to the drop-off point. The feeling in your chest when your caller ID reads "Your Child's Other Parent".

Some split families never have this issue. Things are great. Their relationship is solid, and respectful. That's what I wanted.

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My Credit Score Was 515, And I Was Depressed

Rarely do we want to talk about finances, at least not if we're broke. It's not something that makes us feel good about ourselves, not when we're struggling. To me it's one of the hardest things to overcome. Money rarely just shows up on our doorstep. I guess it has for some, but never for me.

I'm no longer financially broke, and my score isn't that low, but I had to make some difficult changes to improve.

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You're An Idiot & Apparently Not A Step-Parent

It takes everything I have, and then some, to make it through a day without failing as a step-parent. And when I fail, I know it. I know it as it's going on. Go ahead, say it: "well if you know it why don't you stop it?"

My response to you: You're an idiot, and apparently not a step-parent. You have no idea how hard it is.


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