Tired of waking up early hating myself, I began writing a self-improvement paragraph each morning. I took it public in an effort to help others with the same problems. I'm honest, imperfect, sincere, & have no idea if my eyes are blue, green, or hazel.

What Gets You Out Of Bed In The Morning

Should I Buy A House Or Is It Overrated

Slowing Down Enough To Love My Boys

Am I Raising Difference-Makers?

Caring More About People & Less About Their Actions

The Benefits To Knowing So Many People

What I Do To Know So Many People

I Become Important When I Engage Others

It Doesn't Have To Be All About Me

In Order To Be Positive I Have To See Positive

Most Of What I Do Is Uncomfortable

How I Save Face And Avoid Crow

Don't Mistake Laziness For Contentment

I Choose Not To Be Most People

Being A Good Parent Is About Being A Good Friend

I Excel Because I Choose To Excel

They Aren't Just A Bunch'a Mexicans

A Friend My Boys Need - Me

Why We Can't Remember Names

Happy New You

Being Happy Even After Christmas

I Was Built To Survive - So Were You

Complacency Is Dangerous

We're Attracted To What We Need

Kindness Doesn't Show Weakness

I Struggle Everyday, Just Like You

The Nick Gann I Want To Be

Being The Dad I Needed

My Busy Routine

Relationships Make Me Feel Important

Your Personal Credit Report - Your Reputation

I'm Not Too Proud To Save Money

Everyone Has A Wheelchair

I'm Not Too Proud To Medicate

Sometimes We Just Need To Say "Screw It!"

The Fruits Of Voicing My Opinion

Are You A Listener Or A Talker?

Tragedy Can Happen To You Too

The Clothes I Wear Don't Make The Person I Am

Cuddling Up With Your Reputation - Tony Stewart Style

We Shouldn't Change Who We Are... Whatever!

The Power Of An Apology

My Story Isn't That Important

Taking 'Meds' Has Changed My Attitude, & My Life

I'm Honest, And Sometimes Tactful

The Truth About Coaching Baseball

Emotions Can Be Very Evil

I Will Rest When They Are Grown

Failure is a learning experience

Making It Through My Counselor's Lobby

I Just Want To Make A Difference

I'm Supposed To Be My Brother's Keeper

You're An idiot, And Apparently Not A Step-parent

My Credit Score Was 515 And I Was Depressed

Why Men Cheat On Their Wives

Getting Along With My Wife's Ex

I Was Tired Of How I Looked

Am I Winning At Being A Good Dad?

My Many Opportunities For Self Improvement

Waking Up Early Without Hating Yourself

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