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In Order To Be Positive I Have To See Positive

Posted by Nick Gann

Mar 12, 2015 7:25:40 AM

For a couple years now I've been working on how I discipline Sean and RyRo. Maybe discipline isn't the word... How I raise them. How I teach them. And I've learned the key to raising a good kid isn't being strict. The key isn't discipline at all. Well, it is discipline, but not in the sense of punishment, more in the sense of allowing it to take it's course. My point here isn't even about raising my boys. It's about being positive. Not being negative just because something negative happens.

A few days ago Sean was jacking around in the kitchen and spilled his plate, all over the floor. My normal reaction would have been negative. However, I'm working to improve on being more positive AND being a better parent.

The only discipline he needs in that situation is to be required to clean up his mess.

Ha! Right! Like he's gonna do a good job cleaning that up. I'll have to come behind him and get it done right.

Only because you choose to. I didn't let him off the hook until it was completely cleaned. I wasn't perfectly positive, but I wasn't my normal negative. And even though it took him 2 or 3 or 5 times longer than it would have taken me, he got it cleaned up, and moved on.

No punishment needed. No negativity needed.

The positive was that I didn't have to get onto my kid. And the discipline was self-imposed. 

So lately I've been trying to be more positive. With everything, not just the boys. And it's tough! Negativity is a habit. A hard habit.

Looking back over the last week or two I can see positive in many situations where I acted with a negative attitude. 

I'm not gonna lie, Celexa helps tremendously, but it still takes effort. I want to be more positive. I want to be less negative. In order to do that I have to be slower to speak, and slower to react. I have to control my mind. I have to breath.

Maybe it takes me not handling a particular situation immediately. Walk away. Go to my happy place. Come back to it when I'm less emotional.

We live in a world full of positivity. We really do. The problem is we've trained ourselves to react to the negative. It's why most of the News is negative.

But most of what we encounter on a daily basis is positive, not negative. We just have to recognize it.

I want to be more positive. And in order to be positive I have to see positive.

Anyone can be negative. But I don't want to be just anyone.

I want to be the best Nick Gann I can be. And that takes effort.

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