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It Doesn't Have To Be All About Me

Posted by Nick Gann

Mar 19, 2015 6:27:10 AM

It's no secret that I take Celexa. It has really calmed me down. And sometimes calm means asleep. It has a tendency to make me tired. Especially if I take a quiet break, like waiting in my truck in the pickup line at school, or on the bed/table in the doctor's office. They've turned the light off for me - how nice. I've even slept through the dinging noise made by the tanning bed when the time expires. Hey, it's hard to get out of a warm bed, tanning or not. And I've fallen asleep on a yoga mat at the gym, broad daylight.

Back in my Air Force days, when I lived in Alaska, I worked mid shift. Mid meant midnight. Midnight to 8 a.m. 

One particular morning I was waiting to get my haircut. I leaned my head back in their lobby chair and dozed off. ...in a deep sleep! And then I snored, loud. One of those 'wake yourself up - what was that noise' snores.

Only it was in a lobby, at the barber shop, with others waiting to get their hair cut as well.

All eyes on me.

I usually like attention, but not embarrassing attention. And it doesn't get much more embarrassing than waking yourself up snoring in a public place.

So, when I fell asleep in the lobby at the dentist office this week, it was nothing new. Kinda.

I woke up, batted my eyes a few times, and then realized a couple ladies were talking about me. They weren't making fun of me, just amazed at my being able to fall asleep that quickly in that uncomfortable of a position.

I quickly said "was I snoring?"

Thankfully I wasn't. But apparently those 2 women do snore. Their husbands have recorded them.

One was recorded for 20 minutes! And the other lady was pregnant when she had her snoring problem.

It was fun to listen to a couple strangers talk about snoring because of my brief nap. However, I wanted in on the conversation. I couldn't wait to relive the barber shop embarrassment. It's funny now.

And then I reminded myself; my story isn't that important. Let the others talk. Listen and nod and laugh and ask questions, but don't interject with my own experience. They don't care about my story. They want to talk and feel good and entertain.

And I want to be the person who allows that opportunity.

Plus, I can tell my story right here, to you. Every Thursday.

However, this is the last time I'm posting it on Facebook. You can subscribe, and I'll email you every Thursday morning, or I'll send you a text message.

Why am I done posting it to Facebook? Because I want you to have the option of replying to the email. I want to hear your story as well. I've told you about when I cheated on my first wife, and why. I've talked about getting along with my wife's ex. I've told you my story about Grace at Sonic.

But I haven't heard any of yours. And I want to!

It doesn't have to be all about me.

My request is that you'd sign up, and share something with me every now and then.

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