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The Benefits To Knowing So Many People

Posted by Nick Gann

Apr 23, 2015 8:10:52 AM

We have this saying at The Gann Agency: we never ask anything of anyone that we haven't already done something for. Read that again, it's a mouthful. It's easier to ask for something if we've previously given something.
Before you start to wonder if I have ulterior motives in meeting people, know that I do. Everyone does. I'm one of the few who will admit it. I thoroughly enjoy fellowship. It's what makes food better, it makes fishing fun. It makes vacations more enjoyable. Fellowship can do a number on a plane ride, or even on an elevator. It's all in our approach. And the benefits are ridiculous.

How can the benefits of meeting people, and creating fellowship be that rewarding?

I get preferential treatment almost everywhere I go, and for no other reason than being kind and outgoing. Because I rarely ask anything of anyone that I haven't already done something for.

But how do you do stuff for people you don't know? (read more in depth)

The first thing I do is remember their name. I write it down to help me remember. And when I go to Starbuck's or Chick Fil A or Lowes or Dunkin Donuts, I call people by their name. It makes them feel good, and they treat me better.

They put a sweet-n-low in my tea. They remember I like a chicken sandwich on a multigrain bun. They know I like my drinks skinny style. They learn my name and are always willing to help.

...you think it's because I'm special. The truth of the matter is I've made them feel special. I've shown them love. And the 1 thing all people have in common is the desire to be loved. Knowing their name is showing them love. Smiling and being patient when they aren't perfect is showing them love.

And when we show love to others they feel obligated to love us back.

I once made small talk at the water department, later become Facebook friends, and developed a friendship. All over getting my water meter turned on!

My plumbers were working on a Saturday and had water meter questions holding them up.

A Facebook message and 30 minutes later and we were back to work.

Someone without the desire to build a relationship is waiting until Monday.

A few weeks later, after seeing a post about them being in need of a place to rent, I reached out. I learned the price and size needed. And I put them in touch with some of my landlord friends.

That attitude is why I get preferential treatment almost everywhere I go.

You don't agree? If I was a jerk, or didn't make them feel good, or didn't show them love, I'd be getting what most others get. Probably what you get.

But I'm not. I learn what they like from Sonic, and when it's convenient for me, I drop in with a drink. Or I send a card or private message when I see them going through tough times.

I engage them in conversation and let them do the talking. I ask questions and compliment. I try to be a breath of fresh air that makes them feel good.

Because when I make them feel good, the benefits are ridiculous..

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