Health Insurance

What a mess. Does anyone know what's going on with health insurance? Apparently, October 1st was the day anyone could get health insurance coverage in Arkansas. Coincidently, that's the same day the government shut down. How did that work Probably not too well. Things seem to be running fine now. Unless you're like most and don't understand all the changes. The Gann Agency is an independent insurance agency in Arkansas, and we can help you obtain health insurance.

Health Insurance

Wouldn't it be nice to know you have coverage in the event you needed to see a doctor? I can only imagine the stress brought on by not having health insurance in Arkansas. We have so many outdoor activities, so many opportunities to accidentally harm ourselves. I've been fortunate to always have health insurance. From my days in the Air Force, to when I worked as a recruiter at Maverick Transportation, and now, my wife is a med tech at CARTI. I've never had to worry about medical bills.

Nothing can destroy my credit rating quite like hospital bills. We insure our car in case of damage, our house, sometimes even that expensive ring – but we don't insure our bodies with the same attentiveness. One of our agentswill be glad to go over your current health insurance policy or prepare a quote for comparison. We can either email you the quote or contact you by phone. 

Contact us for a quote. We strive to offer the most convenient insurance process. Give us a try. I think you'll agree. We use electronic signatures to prevent you from having to come to the office. We email you the documents needed for proof of coverage. We do our best to make it easy on you.

With the ability to write health insurance in Arkansas, we require you to be a current customer of The Gann Agency. Meaning we would need your home (or renters) and auto insurance as well. Not interested in switching those products? Maybe you should consider it - our companies and rates tend to be very encouraging.

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If you happen to be an Ohio resident, and you're looking for health insurance, our good friend Joey Giangola at Giangola Insurance is a health insurance expert.

He'd love to hear from you: Contact Joey

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