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Buying insurance from a good life insurance company is a vital step in helping your family survive after your death. 

Recognized across the board as a cornerstone of sound financial planning, life insurance provides money for your family (or beneficiaries) after your passing. What better way to leave than to know you haven't left them with a financial burden.

Life Insurance

My name is Nick, and I'm the owner of The Gann Agency. We are an independent insurance agency in Bryant, Arkansas. For the longest time I didn't have life insurance coverage. As I matured (later than most) I realized my passion for hunting and fishing was putting my family at risk. No, I'm not crazy when it comes to being outdoors, but you must admit, hunting is somewhat dangerous. As is driving a boat 40+ mph across a lake, life jacket or not. Therefore, I purchased a life insurance policy. I now know, without a doubt, that Kelly, Sean, & RyRo will not be left with a financial burden when I pass on to a better place.

If you have a spouse and/or children and you do not have life insurance, consider your family uninsured. Consider your spouse, and children, at risk of difficult times. If you were to up & leave your family, offering no help around the house and absolutely no financial support, how would they fair? That's what having no life insurance is to a T!

We don't like to purchase something that offers no immediate benefit.  To me, peace of mind is a huge benefit. People don’t purchase life insurance because they have no vision for the disaster left behind by their death (this excludes those uninsurable). Don't do them a favor, do them your duty. Leave them with something to help bear the burden of your passing. Money isn't everything, but when you're gone, it's the 2nd hardest thing to deal with.

Life insurance money can help in many ways, including:

  • Replacing your income and enabling your beneficiaries to meet their everyday expenses.
  • Paying your funeral and burial costs, as well as covering probate and other estate-related expenses.
  • Paying for any medical expenses that may not be covered by health insurance.
  • Creating an inheritance for your heirs.

At The Gann Agency, we’ll help take the stress out of shopping for life insurance. You can rely on our caring and knowledgeable insurance agents to help you determine which life insurance policy is right for you. Whether your health is ideal or not-so-perfect, we can find you the right policy with the best company—at the best price—to give you the peace of mind of knowing your family will be financially secure.

We've created the most resourceful online insurance agent in Arkansas. Our goal is to provide a convenient insurance process.

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